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Dace Car Finance Stockport

Dace Car Finance was established to provide residents throughout the Greater Manchester area with access to the resources they need for competitive used car loans rates and financing. Our number one goal is to help customers from Stockport and Manchester find the best used car finance in the marketplace. Together with our nationwide network of banks and lending partners we are the premier choice for not only finding the lowest interest rate used car loan, but also getting you approved. You might have been approved with other lenders or banks for your car loan, but how does that compare with what we can offer you? With a 94% approval rating, it’s no wonder why we are the fastest growing sources for used car loans in Stockport and Manchester. Request your hassle-free, no obligation quote today! Our network of lenders has maintained success in serving the general public with outstanding results. Although this service is used in conjunction with all types of credit backgrounds, you’ll receive quotes within 24 hours that will provide affordable financing for your used vehicle. Get matched with the best offer today!

Our Partners:

“I had tried to get a loan at my local bank, but couldn’t get approved for the amount I wanted even though I knew what car I wanted. I submitted a financing request through Dace Car Finance and was approved in about a day and a half with an interest rate similar to what the bank was offering!” Alisha, Stockport