What is the process of getting a used car loan?
Well, the process requires two simple steps. First, request a secure car loan quote. Second, wait to receive a call back within 24 hours! With 94% of our visitors approved, we know your anxious to hear what we can approve you for and with what interest rate!

What used car makes and models can I buy?
We don’t limit you to used cars or to any particular make or model.

Will I need a down payment for my used car?
Down payment requirements are often based on your credit history. Whether you have a co-signer(s), and a number of other factors affecting your ability to make a down payment, our lenders are willing to work with you. Keep in mind that a down payment greatly reduce your monthly payments so if you’re looking at decreasing them, it would be best to provide some type of down payment. Please visit our comprehensive loan calculator on our website to get a general idea of what your payments would be with and without a down payment.

What type of interest rate can I qualify for?
There is always an attempt with Dace Car Finance to find the lowest available interest rate for its borrowers. Borrowers with bad credit history too, command a good interest rate. Any interest rate our lenders will be able to obtain for you is based on a number of variables, so it’s hard to answer that question for sure.

What do I need to qualify for a used car loan?
With a 94% approval rating, almost everyone qualifies. The specific loan that you will qualify for is based on various aspects. However, our loan experts and representatives take every part of your online car loan request into consideration when getting you approved. If you have no credit, our experts will help obtain a no credit car loan for you. If you have less-than-perfect or bad credit and are looking to boost your credit score, our loan specialists will look into getting you set up with a affordable used car loan. If you’d like to refinance your old vehicle, let our specialists know and they’ll get you approved for a refinance car loan. As an online resource for used car loans Stockport, the possibilities are next to endless, so you’ve got nothing to lose by simply submitting your online car loan quote request to us, and let us do the rest. Simply fill out and submit our fast and easy online auto loan application, and you’ll be well on your way to not only qualifying, but getting approved and into the car of your dreams today!

Will I qualify if I’ve never had credit score or a credit rating?
Of course! In fact, we work with people who have no credit because you’ve got to start somewhere, right? Our specialists will work with you to get you into a no credit auto loan. And we make it so easy! Simply fill out our online auto loan quote request and one of our many talented and professional lenders in network will speak with you immediately.

Will lenders consider me if I’ve had a bankruptcy or vehicle repossession?
Dace Car Finance, which has no set notions against any kind of borrowers with bankruptcy or vehicle repossession, will answer after making a study of your finances. There have been instances when borrowers were able to get car loan even with a repossessed car.

Will co-signers assist me in building my credit?
The short answer is yes! The long answer is also yes! In fact, whether you’re interested in a car title loan or even just to refinance your old car loan, co-signers can greatly enhance your chances of being approved and thusly getting financing for your used car loan.

What will my monthly payments be for my used car loan?
Obviously monthly payments vary on your credit profile as well as the cost of the vehicle you’re interested in, the amount of your down payment or trade-in, and the interest rating you receive on your used vehicle loan. However, feel free to check out our calculator and get an idea of what your monthly payments might be. Remember – a down payment will greatly reduce the total monthly payments as well as the amount paid each month.

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