GAP Insurance Stockport

What Is It?
Dace Finance GAP Insurance stands for “guaranteed asset protection” and is suitable for all our customers from Greater Manchester who finance a motor vehicle and want peace of mind and protection from financial exposure that may occur should their vehicle be stolen or written off. Gap is often named as a “financial safety belt” because it reduces the risk of financial loss if your car strikes disaster.

Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

What Is It?
Most major car repairs occur after the manufacturer warranty expires. In-order to avoid out-of-pocket costs for these repairs some sort of extended coverage is a necessity. Dace Finance Mechanical Breakdown Insurance is designed to help protect you and your car against the cost of sudden or unforeseen breakdown. Apply for Mechanical Breakdown Insurance with Dace Finance today.

Car Service Plan Stockport

Dace Car Finance Car Service Plan
What Is It?
Dace Finance provides you a convenient way to budget for the majority of the costs associated with some of your future vehicle services. Our Car Service Plan pays for the repair of certain items by an approved dealer, as recommended by the manufacturer in their service schedules. The plan runs over a selected period of time or selected kilometers, whichever comes first.