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Sub-Prime Car Finance Stockport

Guaranteed car finance in Stockport & Manchester is a car finance option where the buyer pays a down payment and documentation fee and monthly payments similar to a conventional car purchase loan. Guaranteed car finance differs in that the title to the car remains in the name of the car finance company until the the loan has been paid in full. After the term of the loan has been successfully completed the title of the car is transferred to the car buyer who now holds title free and clear. Sub-prime car finance refers to people who have a less than perfect credit rating caused by missed or late payments, CCJs and/or bankruptcy. Dace Car Finance specialises in this type of finance and we work with some of the UK’s largest sub-prime car finance lenders. Whether you have a bad credit home loan or no credit history, let experienced professionals take care of your auto financing needs so that you can focus on the what’s important to you. Learn more about how we can save you time and money by requesting a hassle-free used car loan quote today.

Our Partners:

“Dace Car Finance was able to put me into the car I wanted to purchase. Other dealers turned me down, but now I have a chance to get back on my feet and rebuild my credit with my used car loan. I love it! My mom is getting a car next week (…)” Alice, Stockport