With Dace Car Finance being totally independent we have no restrictions on which finance companies will can use. This means we have a vast panel of lenders to cater for CCJS, defaults, arrears, Self employed and no credit history cases. To apply for bad credit car loan please contact our Finance Specialists on 0161 477 7056, or complete the form below.

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Looking for Bad Credit Car Loan Approval? Turn down by several loan lenders? Afraid of your bankruptcy issues? Having low credit scores? Bad credit or no credit? If your credit history is not perfect and you are afraid of getting a car loan , look no further. We assure you to get auto loan easily irrespective of your credit situations. Our auto financing services can help you find a loan for new or used car of your choice. We are here to help you own a car even if you have bad credit to qualify for a car loan. Our bad credit car finance services can help you easily get a car of your choice. We offer guaranteed car loans for people with bad credit and you may avail of our exceptional financing services if you are one of them. Get your dream car now easily.

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“A friend told me about Dace Motors. I didn’t think I would qualify for a used car loan. We have a baby on the way and I’ve been riding a motorcycle all season but Dace Car Finance was able to help me find the financing for my car. Thanks for all your hard work!” Alun, Stockport